Learn to Bowl

Need some tips, or not sure where to start!

Here are some handy little pointers to get you on your way.

1.Choose the right bowling shoe size for you

Ask our friendly staff if you are unsure of your shoe size.  We have shoes from a kids size 6 up to a mens size 15!

2.Choose a bowling ball

You want a bowling ball that is not too heavy, and not too light (the lighter the ball the better to start off with).  Your thumb should slide in and out of the thumb hole on the ball without getting stuck or causing you any discomfort.


3. Learn your stance

Stand with both feet pointing towards the pins at shoulder width apart, this should be done at the black dots on the approach.  (First line of dots is usually for the males second row for females).  Start in the middle and adjust depending on your comfort levels and where the ball goes.  In time you will develop this stance to whatever works for you.


You need to aim the ball between the first row of pins and 2nd row of pins, use the black arrows on the bowling lanes as a guide.

5. Swing

Hold the bowling ball at stomach height, push the ball forward as you take your first step.  (right handed step with your left, left handed step with your right).

As you take your second step swing the ball back like a pendulum, keeping your arm as straight as possible.

As you take your 3rd step bend both of your knees in a lunge manner as you release the ball down the lane. As you release the ball swing your arm as straight as possible and follow through until your hand is pointing down the lane at about head height.

If at any stage you need help please ask our friendly staff!