Our Facilities

The Wangaratta Supa Bowl is proud to have the latest & most up to date equipment in the world!

The equipment installed at the 12 lane Centre has been purchased from world renowned brand Qubica AMF. The equipment has been tried and tested for the past 5 years in a test lab in the USA.

The Wangaratta Supa Bowl has been lucky enough to gain this amazing advancement in technology and was the FIRST in the Southern Hemisphere to have it installed and running.

The equipment that the bowling alley has installed was not due for release until the 25th of February. With the bowling alley opening on the 18th of February 2012 not only were we the first bowling alley in the southern hemisphere to use it, we are able to have it running and operational before its official release date. Thanks to the good people at Qubica AMF.

Below is some information on the pinspotters installed at Wangaratta Supa Bowl.

  • This innovative design feature enables the XLi EDGE to deliver the best Frames Per Stop (FPS) performance in the industry.
  • Shuts down the machine if a person tries to enter from the lane side. The XLi EDGE is the only pinspotter that provides this functionality as standard.
  • The quietest pinspotter on the market - you don't hear the machines running, making for a more pleasant environment in our centre.
  • If a problem occurs during play, customers are advised on the scoring monitor, updated as the technician addresses the issue, and notified when it's okay to bowl again. Keeping you informed makes for a better experience.
  • With the exclusive Gripper Ball Return, the fastest strike cycle and the best FPS (frames per stop) performance in the industry, you are not kept waiting for the pinspotter to set pins or for your bowling balls to be returned.

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